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Top 10 Best Business Apps in India

From time management, communication and problem solving to business and organization aid, today’s mobile application development market is flooded with specifically customized mobile applications that help to make your life easier.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner who needs help with self-management and productivity, then having an amazing business app can help you a lot. 

So, today we have come up with a list of top 10 best business apps that will make sure that you can easily look after your business all day long. However, it is not easy to select just a few great apps from the never-ending field of business apps. This makes the following apps even more crucial. 

Here is the list of Best Business Apps in India in 2022. You can pick up the right one according to your requirement and become successful in your business. So, let’s get started:

1. Google My Business

google my business

Improve the online presence of your business with the help of the world’s best search engine and map- Google My Business.  Google My Business allows you to be seen on google maps and get more leads.

Google My Business allows you to make sure that your business stands out from others. Moreover, you can directly upload photos and videos that are related to your business with the help of this app. 

App Features

  • Stay in touch with your customers through messages and reviews
  • Get notifications in real-time
  • Make changes in Google My Business profile in real-time 
  • Handle multiple locations by just using a single dashboard

2. BizBook

bizbook - best business app

Want to manage your whole business with only your mobile? Want to get a more loyal customer base and rapidly grow your business?  If so, then the BizBook app is all you need! With Bizbook you can control your whole business in just a few clicks.

BizBook is packed with features like Staff Management, Job Management, Customer Management, Stock Management, Notifications, Analytics, Reports and many more. With such features and user-friendly handling, BizBook ticks all the areas to become an amazing business app. 

App Features

  • SMS Notification
  • Whatsapp Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Online Feedback
  • Customizable Templates & Fields
  • Online Job Status
  • Reports / Graphs (Pending Jobs/Total Profit & Expense etc.)
  • Online Payments & Auto Billing
  • Online Job Enquiry

3. IndiaMART


If you are looking for an online B2B marketplace application for Indian sellers and buyers, then IndiMART is the way to go. Through IndiMART, entrepreneurs can expand their customer base according to their business requirements.

For now, IndiMART has become one of the best business applications in India with more than 9 crores registrations and more than 60 lakhs suppliers.

App Features

  • Instant and easy money transfer process
  • Different customizable features for sellers and buyers 
  • Easy to understand catalog listing view
  • 24X7 support system

4. Vyapar


Vyapar is a magic app that offers you many services like free GST billing, invoice making, expense, accounting, and estimate services.

You can easily manage all the account work of your business by just using the Vyapar app on your phone. Moreover, the Vyapar app also offers you other important features such as business reports.

App Features

  • Easy Expense tracker
  • Monthly and yearly sales invoice report
  • Create, print and share GST Invoices 
  • Tracks your daily expense

5. Google Pay for Business

google pay - best business apps

India is becoming digital, and one of the main applications which have helped India to achieve this is Google Pay. Google Pay for Business is a Digital payment application by Google.

No matter how small or how large your business is, you can easily transfer money with Google Pay without any extra fee. Moreover, there are no security issues, as all the transitions are guarded by Google business and payments are directly linked with your bank account.

App Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers reward coupons on transactions
  • Supports various payment modes

6. Trello

trello - best business apps

Want to organize your professional and personal life? If so, then the Trello app is perfect for you! With the help of Trello, you can create a daily to-do list with cards, lists, boards, etc. 

It makes task execution a very fun job. A whole team can be also involved in a single task and all this functionality is for free!

App Features

  • Calendar view of your tasks according to dates
  • Create execution plan
  • Allows labels and checklists 
  • Add locations, map view

7. Wix


If you want to build an online audience through your website then Wix can help you. With Wix, you can manage your business and easily engage with customers. Moreover, Wix also let’s you a good online brand value.

This customizable app helps you to make your business more customer-friendly and improve your relationship with customers.

App Features

  • Start interesting discussions with your customers
  • Manage business events
  • Reach out to your customers through blog posting
  • Build your business portfolio with your contact info

8. Amazon Seller App

amazon seller

Amazon Seller Application lets you sell and market your products online.  

Just create your Amazon seller account, list your products and build your online store. Then you’ll be all set.

With the Amazon Seller App, you can decide the pricing of the product. Moreover, you can also have your own shipping carrier and marketing tactics.

App Features

  • Easy On-time payment
  • Shipping options Available – fulfillment by Amazon or self 
  • Security against scheming orders
  • Safe payments procedure made instantly to your bank account

9. WhatsApp Business

whatsapp business app

Want to easily connect your business with your customers? Then, WhatsApp Business is best for you. Whatsapp business app comes packed with all the fantastic features of Whatsapp messenger.

With the WhatsApp Business app, you can automate your messages or directly respond to your client. 

App Features

  • Use Alongside WhatsApp Messenger on the same mobile, with different numbers.
  • Delivers appropriate info on business like contact, website, or location
  • Can be used with a fixed number or landline support
  • Easily track your WhatsApp campaigns

10. Hootsuite

hootsuite business app

Master the field of business marketing with the Hootsuite app. Schedule or post your numerous social media platforms at a time. 

This app allows you to track and monitor all your social media activities. You can use the Hootsuite app absolutely free upto 3 social media networks and after that offers a prepaid account.

App Features

  • Auto schedule message and posts
  • Shorten your links
  • Receive optional notifications for your brand is mentioned
  • Real-time reports of stat analytics 

Final Thoughts

All of the above apps are the best business apps in their category of business apps for example Google My Business for Online Presence, BizBook for Customer Relationship Management and Accounting, and Hootsuite for Social Media Presence. So, download the apps according to your business requirement and take your business to the next level!

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