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How To Digitize Your Business Through BizBook

Nowadays, the world is moving towards digitalization. Most of the essential things whether it’s ordering your favourite food or buying online groceries, you can do all this in just a few clicks. All thanks to the digital revolution! However, there were not that many good options when it came to a good business management app to digitize your business until now.

With the coming of BizBook, running a business has become way more easier. With the help of a great business management app like BizBook, now you can control everything from your staff to your stock in just a few clicks.

We know the four main pillars in any service-based business are following:

  1. Job Management
  2. Staff Management
  3. Customer Management
  4. Stock Management

Today, let’s go through ways in which BizBook allows you to digitize your business by working on these areas of business. Moreover, we’ll also see how the digitalisation of these areas of business with BizBook can help you to increase your business. So, let’s dive in:

1. Job Management

Job Management is the most crucial part of any business as it can make or break the business. Therefore, Job Management should be managed very carefully. Jobs can be of any kind depending on your industry. For example orders for cakes in a bakery shop or mobiles to repair in a mobile repair shop. The management of daily jobs that deals with customers in a business can be said as job management. 

Job management is considered one of the most time-consuming tasks in a business. This is because job management involves many daily practices like aligning all the tasks for the day, checking and updating the status of the jobs and some of the other routine work.

With BizBook, we have made the task of job management way easier. With BizBook, you can easily manage your to-dos, align all the tasks according to your requirements, check the status of the job and much more. So, with BizBook you can manage all your jobs in just a few clicks and save your own valuable time.

2. Staff Management

As the name simply suggests, staff management deals with the proper management of your staff. A good staff management system is crucial for supervising your staff, measuring staff performance, and much more, which can lead to different outcomes for a business.

For example, someone in your staff can be working on 20% efficiency and someone can be working on 60%, but it’s your job to make your staff more efficient so that you end up getting more business. However, inspiring your staff to work more efficiently can be a tricky task. Nevertheless, there are also some other hurdles when you are dealing with staff management.

With BizBook, you can easily manage your staff through your mobile. BizBook provides you with the efficiency report, progress report, and customer satisfaction report of your staff. In addition to this BizBook also lets you add your staff members so that your staff can feel more involved in the business.

You can also offer rewards to your staff after achieving their sales targets. Given above practices can help you manage your staff in a very easy manner.

3. Customer Management

The field of customer management is one of the most important fields in business. Most of the customers wish for extended and easy customer assistance. The needs of the customers can be determined with the help of networks. However, when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers, there is virtually no business management app through which we can do this.

Wait there is one!

With BizBook, we came up with the one-stop solution for all your issues with customer management. Along with BizBook, you can listen to your customers and get genuine feedback on your services from them.

Moreover, BizBook also offers chat options with customers. These natural and spontaneous conversations deliver a great amount of information through which you get to understand your customers better. When used correctly, these conversations can become pure gold mines. Therefore, you should see these conversations as a source of inspiration for your business.

BizBook is packed with customer management features like bulk sms, custom calls and many more. Therefore, when it comes to customer management tools, BizBook wins the race by a huge margin. It is very important to enhance the quality of your business.

4. Stock Management 

Let’s face it, stock management can be a tiring task but is important to sustain the business. Conventional stock management has many disadvantages like long execution time, no preciseness, and much more. 

So, what can be done to improve stock management? You can only digitize your business through the technological tools that you have. This is one of the areas where BizBook shines.

BizBook keeps you updated with all your stocks. BizBook also provides you with all the vital information that is important for stock management. Our artificial intelligence analyzes data out of every stock and lets you know the status of all stocks. This makes the processes of stock management very easy and precise at the same time. 

Final Thoughts

This has happened for the first time in the history of the business world that a business management app is offering so much power to a businessman. With Job Management, Staff Management, Customer Management, Stock Management all in check with BizBook, now is the best time for the business world to take their game to the next level. Digitize Your Business with BizBook and Feel the power of Digitalization. Click here to learn more about BizBook.

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