Our Amazing Features

Job Management

Manage your to-dos effortlessly. Align all your tasks at one place so you don’t miss on any. BizBook also comes packed with the feature of job enquiry, solving online job enquiries in real-time. So whether it’s the delivery schedule, or checking the status of a job, this online job enquiry feature is there for you.

Staff Management

Staff is an integral part of any organisation. Managing it can sometimes be troublesome. Allow us to take away your headache of managing your staff. Isn’t it amazing? Make Bizbook your personal assistant.

Customer Management

Keeping in mind your relationship with your customers, we came up with the one stop solution for all your top quality services to keep you and your customers happy. Along with BizBook, you can listen to your customers and get genuine feedback on your services from them. This in turn is very important to enhance the quality of your business.

Automated Notifications

Generating automated push notification on status of your customer’s service. Let the customers choose your brand with the help of relevant, intelligent, and impactful messages with our push notifications feature. With this feature, send the right notification at the right time.

Stock Management

Manage your inventory with the BizBook app. Order, store, track and monitor stock levels in no time. The aim is to have the right amount of stock for sale at all times. Join hands with technology to boost your business.

Reports and Analytics

Providing you an authority to track your business’s critical activities with provided financial reports & graphs of all the pending jobs, total expenses, and total profits, etc. Set the future plans for your business according to the reports and graphs. Survey your business like a pro.


Wonder if this is it? It’s not! There’s more than just this. Bizbook in turn is a very useful tool to enhance the quality of your business. Explore more about BizBook.