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Task Management

The Task Management plugin for Bizbook helps you keep track of all of your tasks in one place so you don’t miss any. You can effortlessly organise your daily tasks and build your business using BizBook’s Task Management feature! Managing to-dos, sorting jobs, answering job inquiries, and updating job status are all components of Task Management.


You can schedule meetings, interviews, and business meetings with Bizbook’s Appointments plugin. You may effortlessly manage your client and team meetings using auto-generated appointment reminders. Simple cancellation and booking, as well as auto-generated appointment reminders and easy updation, are some of the plugin’s other capabilities.

Booking Management

BizBook is a tool that can assist you in digitising your company. Bookings, check-in, check-out, and all other essential data should be updated on Bizbook, and huge registers for keeping track of such information should be eliminated. With ease, you can manage your directory. To reach out to additional clients, send out discounts and promotional alerts on a regular basis.

User Roles

The User Role Plugin makes it simple to alter user roles and capabilities. Create new roles and customise their capabilities to fit your needs, either from scratch or as a clone of another position. Capabilities can be assigned to each individual user. A user could be allocated many roles at the same time.


Edubook shares student’s progress between parents and educators to provide them better understanding of the student’s whole academic status. Bizbook automatically updates information about student’s test results, holiday updates, timetable, frequent child reports, and attendance graphs on the parent’s phone. Edubook can help students become more disciplined and focused.

Secure Device Finance

A feature-rich Secure Device Finance System enables you to secure payments and take strict action against customers who fail to pay their EMI debts. With Secure Device Finance plugin in Bizbook, no payments will go unresolved; if a customer delays or tries to break the EMI, they will face the consequences as their device will be locked until their dues are cleared.

Vending Machine

With Bizbook’s Vending Machine you can automatically serve food or drinks and accept payments via Card or UPI to delight your customers. It is easy to use and multiple vending of products in a matter of seconds via JUST PHONE makes it the best and most reliable product. Highly affordable and best use of money.

Automated Flows

Bizbook Automated Flow plugin allows the user to create their own flow of events that will execute automatically after they are created. So, if a specified condition is fulfilled, a self-created message or automated call or an email is sent; if the condition is not met, a different message is sent as per the need.

Stock Management

Using the BizBook’s Stock Management plugin, you can keep track of your inventory. Entering information over and over again while making a stock list or invoice is always a headache. Stock Management Plugin collects all stock information at once, reducing double data entry and allowing for complete reporting. The goal is to always have the proper amount of stock for sale.

Forms Management

With Bizbook’s Forms plugin, you can effortlessly respond to all of your customer’s requirements. It also helps you to reply to customer enquiries quickly. Furthermore, Forms feature can help you uncover your company’s weak points using feedback forms. Forms Plugin will help you save time and energy, which will lead to greater efficiency.

Feature Request

Are you looking for something else then we can build it for you. At BizBook, we can develop customised plugin for you according to your business needs.