Put Your Business on Autopilot

Put Your Business on Autopilot With BizBook

Do you find it difficult to manage everyday tasks in your business? Managing everything in a business can be a very tiring job for anyone. You may have to do everything from owning and managing, to recruiting and training the employees. Putting your business on autopilot can be the solution to this problem.

Automizing your business can offer you a lot of high growth opportunities and make you super-rich. But, how do you automize your business? BizBook is here to help you. Until now there was no app which you could put your business on autopilot mode. But with the coming of BizBook, the times have changed.

If you find it difficult to assign tasks to your staff, then BizBook is there for you. With BizBook, you can easily assign tasks to your staff and manage other day-to-day business operations like streamlining, customer support, accounting, onboarding and many more.

Today, let’s explore some of the areas in which you can use BizBook in order to automate your business and grow it to unimaginable heights. So let’s dive in:

1. Task Management

Task management is one of the most time consuming and tricky tasks in business. Moreover, task management as the name suggests is managing the tasks effectively and efficiently so that the tasks are nicely completed on time.

You came easily keep on completing your task before the deadlines with the help of BizBook. You just need to see what the task is, and accordingly assign the task to your staff member and set the due date. Yes, it’s that simple! 

BizBook will show you the most recent tasks as defaults. However, you can also customize the view according to your convenience. The task management feature of BizBook can save a lot of your time and energy and can automize the process of task management.

2. Workflows Management

Proper distribution of tasks to your staff to maximise the efficiency of your business is called Workflows Management. Therefore, proper workload management is important for the growth of your Business.

With BizBook, you can easily manage your workload in just a few minutes. With BizBook, you can allocate specific tasks to specific task members and you can also customize the task in a few clicks. You can allocate the task for a specific duration and automatize the process of workload management. Yes, it work’s like magic!

3. Accounts Management

Accounting is the top priority when it comes to your business finance. Proper accounting can help you to determine the health of the business. Moreover, even if you have a stable business, you should be mostly concentrating on the accounting part as a lot of money can be saved by just doing the accounting part right.

With BizBook, you can easily do the accounting work with just a few clicks and turn your accounting department into a seamless machine. BizBook provides you with many filters to do all the accounting work and this can be done in just a few moments. So now you can save a lot of your time and manage your accounts accurately, at the same time. Therefore, with BizBook, you can also automate your accounting department easily.

4. Customer Satisfaction 

The measure of the amount of satisfaction experienced by any customer after taking your services is called customers satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is necessary if you want to grow your business. However, customer satisfaction is a very hard and time-consuming task in itself.

Then how can BizBook help you in improving and automizing customer satisfaction for your business? BizBook, automatically analysis all the customer data and based upon that, you will get a list of customers and you can use the feature of bulk SMS to ask for reviews or ask business-related queries.

BizBook, automatically analysis all the customer data and based upon that, you will get a list of customers and you can use the features of bulk SMS or bulk email to ask for reviews or ask business-related queries.

With the help of these campaigns, you can get valuable information that can be very helpful in enhancing your business performance. Moreover, this will also lead to greater customer experience and customer loyalty.

5. Industry-Specific Plugins

BizBook provides you with specific plugins which are specially customized and perfectly serve their purpose. You just have to select your industry while signing up in BizBook and BizBook will install specific plugins according to the industry type. Moreover, BizBook will also suggest specific plugins according to your industry type. Yes! It’s fabulous.

Industry-Specific Plugins will in turn increase the productivity of your business. Moreover, these custom plugins will also help you to automize your business according to your requirements. Click here to know more about our plugins.


Given above are some of the ways, in which BizBook can help you to automize your business. This means you can run your business from your mobile in next to no time. Just install the BizBook app and put your business on Autopilot. 

This will allow you to spend more time expanding your business or doing what you love, and less time managing your business. With BizBook you can build your business into a powerhouse that you have always imagined.

So, be ready to adopt the future of small businesses. You just need a small commitment and BizBook to take your business to the next level and put your business on autopilot. If you do things according to these instructions, soon you’ll be living a life of a rich and successful businessman. For more insights on the BizBook app, visit us today.

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