Set up Your BizBook Account

All You Need to Know About Setting Up Your BizBook Account

​​After you have done all your research work and found out that BizBook is the best business management app for you, now you need to know how to set up your BizBook account.

After all, you are making a business investment that will help your business. Therefore, you should know how to set up your BizBook account and quickly start to reap the advantages of BizBook.

So, today let’s go through the process of setting up your BizBook account. There are five main steps involved in setting up a BizBook account. So, let’s go through these five steps and set up your BizBook account:

1. Get to Know About BizBook

First of all, you need to get familiar with BizBook. This means running through all the sections of the app and getting to know all the features of BizBook and navigating these features. 

BizBook provides you with a quick tour of the app. BizBook also provides you with a quick go-through video of an app. In addition to this, BizBook also offers you training videos on how to use the BizBook app to get the best results. 

Moreover, you should make sure that you are familiar with the terms like customers, tasks, forms, inventory, staff and plugins. These terms are going to be used very often in BizBook. 

You can also study the buying cycle of your customer in the meantime. See how your potential customers become your customers? What encourages your customer to buy your product or service? Knowing these things is essential for getting the most out of your BizBook app.

2. Know your Customers And Add Contacts

Now, you have to take some time to build up a customer base of loyal customers. You need to add this customer list to BizBook. However, at first, you should only be adding all of your loyal customers that are most profitable for your business.

You can easily add the contacts in BizBook app. BizBook offers you an in-app contact migration service to you that allows you to easily import your contacts in next to no time. Moreover, this will also allow you to dig deeper into the contact section of BizBook and explore more features. 

For example, you can add notes, start chat, set appointments, add tags and perform many other functions. These features will save a lot of your time and will help you to extend your business.

3. Setup Your Tasks Sheet

Now we have covered the foundational knowledge on how to use the BizBook app. Now let’s take a look at another crucial feature of the BizBook app, the feature of task management. Task management helps you to go through pending tasks and helps you understand your buyer’s sales cycle and journey.

To take full advantage of the task management feature of BizBook, first, you should add a task, and then BizBook will automatically fetch the data related to the task. Moreover, you can also predict the sales cycle and journey of your customers. Then predict the last steps of the buyer’s journey. These steps can include everything from presentation, conversation, selection, and deal confirmation. The Task management feature can include all the above information about a specific task.

Therefore, you can see all the information about the task by just clicking on it. Moreover, task management also lets you know about the status of the task and also lets you know how important a specific task is. Moreover, the task management feature in BizBook also informs you about the buying trend of the customers.

The task management feature shows you the most amount of data that is vital for the growth of the business. Therefore, task management is an extremely important feature of BizBook and can help you to grow your sales in next to no time.

4. Forms

Now, let’s go through another important feature of the BizBook app. As the name suggests, the form feature provides you with different types of forms that can be used for a wide variety of things. BizBook provides you with default forms like enquiry forms, feedback forms etc, and you can also produce your custom forms also.

Forms will help you to gather different information about different customers and this information will be vital for your success. For instance, if you send a feedback form to a customer and the customer gave feedback about your business then this feedback form will contain some points that can tell you what customers want. So, this feedback will be important for the success of your business. With BizBook, you can analyze the form data and use that data to grow your business. 

5. Plugins

If you want to control all fields of your Business digitally, then you have to install many applications to do this. These applications can include everything from scheduling apps and notification tools to stock management and Reports / Graphs management.

However, with BizBook, know you can have all these tools in one place. BizBook provides you with industry-specific plugins so that you get all the required tools for your business in one place. With the help of these plugins, BizBook allows you to get the best output from all the data that you have gathered. This can boost the growth of your business and make day to day activities more simple.

The Plugin function is one of the most unique and efficient functions of the BizBook app and also saves you a lot of time and money.

6. Staff Management

Now, it’s time to add your staff members. In staff management, you can track all the workload, performance, reports etc of your staff. However, you have to train your staff on how to use the BizBook app. This is very important if you want to use the BizBook app in the most efficient way.

However, you have to set some restrictions and permissions for your staff members. You don’t have to give your staff permission to do everything. You can also make and implement some strategies to enhance the performance of your staff. For instance, you can promote or give gifts to staff members who have the best performance.


Given above are some main steps that you have to follow while setting up your account. However, there will also be other steps in the process of setting up your BizBook account. There are a lot of things that you have to get used to while using the BizBook app. But the interface of the app is very user friendly and this makes for a very nice user experience.

So, now that you know how to set up your BizBook account, you can now start to grow your business with the BizBook app. Visit us for more information.

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